1.16 Requirement 1.1.15 (Scope Document) states that triage tags can recognize voice commands. Is it aimed to develop a tag that can recognize voice commands? What is the tag expected to do with the voice command? By using a smart device instead of a tag this request can be met, but solutions may not be cost/effective if the goal is not clear. Is it a different target than the abilities that can be obtained by the operation of a mobile device with voice commands, which will be found in the healthcare personnel targeted with this item?

[ upd 06.7.2022] Following the overall scopes of the Pre-Commercial Procurements, the iProcureSecurity PCP keeps the description of the requirements open, so that innovation and creativity from the suppliers’ side can be promoted. It is therefore up to the supplier(s) to decide how this specific requirement should fit the proposed solution, taking into account the prioritization level of each requirement.