1.17 After the triage phase, a treatment phase has been defined. I understand that the treatment phase will be treated separately from repetitive triage. Does the project team have an approach to where this treatment phase will end? It will be beneficial for all supplier candidates if it is defined at which point it will be outside the scope of the project while planning the data that may be requested during the treatment phase and the methods of data collection. Transport of patients from the scene? arrival at the hospital? If necessary, different solutions will be required according to different scenarios, such as referral to a second hospital or monitoring until all treatments are completed and discharged.

The Call for Tenders  includes an overview of the project’s scope and defines which scenarios the solution shall support.The treatment phase begins as soon as the casualty is brought to the Advanced Medical Site (after being triaged) and it applies only in case a treatment is needed. The treatment phase may continue – if needed – in the ambulance, while the casualty is being transported to the hospital. The treatment phase ends as soon as the casualty is handed over to the hospital.

Scope Document Link https://pcp.iprocuresecurity.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/iProcureSecurity-PCP-Scope-Document-1.0.pdf