1.2 Will the pilots’ proprietary Health Information System interfaces and database interfaces be accessible for suppliers to enable connection with the iProcureSecurity PCP solution?

[ upd 06.7.2022]  The Call for Tenders (TD1) provides all the necessary information about the existing systems and standards used by the procurers in the project. Tenderers will have to make proposals in their offers as to how to ensure interoperability of their proposed solutions with those systems. Specifically for Health Information Systems of the procurers, during the PCP process (especially in Phase II), such opportunities will be explored, so that the systems are aligned. However, full HIS integration is not a primary requirement in Phase I of the project.

The Tender Documents are available here https://innovationprocurement.com/tenders/7/show/pre-commercial-procurement-of-innovative-triage-management-systems-strengthening-resilience-and-interoperability-of-emergency-medical-services