1.20 Interoperability: Is it the expectation that at the end of the project that data will be exchanged (uploaded and downloaded) to 3rd party systems across the 5 organisations? If so, can the tenderer be specific as to the names of supplier, name and version of software, whether common APIs exist for data sharing and if the tenderer has data sharing agreements and acknowledgement from the 3rd parties that they are willing to cooperate in an agreed timeframe and NOT charge the supplier for its resource? Is it the expectation that the supplier will have the capacity to share information using FHIR subject to cooperation with 3rd parties at a later date? If not, will the tenderer compensate the supplier if a 3rd part fails to comply with the suppliers requirements.

The requirements regarding ICT standards that have to be observed in the development of the solution are described in paragraph 3.4 (G) of TD1. In the Annex 4 the “Procurers IT Systems Checklist” reports the current systems used by the procurers, which are wished to be integrated as part of the iProcureSecurity PCP Solution. More technical details about the interoperability requirements of the systems currently in use (if feasible) and of the common APIs exist for data sharing, will be provided and analysed during the development of the phase I feasibility study.