1.22 P115 1.7 Procurers IT System Interoperability. There are 28 different sytems listed – is it a realistic expectation to integrate with this many systems in 16 months within the budget? What research and risk assessment has been conducted to support this expectation? The list is incomplete and therefore it is impossible to make a judgement as to whether integration will be technically possible. Can you supply full details for each system including: 1. Name, version; 2. Supplier contact details; 3. API availability; 4. Interoperability standards used; 5. Level of SNOMED, HL7, etc coding; 6. XML compliant; 7. Experience of integration; 8. Discussions you have had re integration; 9. Type of hosting environment – AWS, Azure or local server

One of the challenges of the research project objective is also to obtain interoperability with the existing IT systems as well. More technical details about the interoperability requirements of the systems currently in use (if feasible) and of the common APIs exist for data sharing, will be provided and analysed during the development of the phase 1 feasibility study. In this phase the requirements regarding ICT standards that have to be observed in the development of the solution are described in in paragraph 3.4 (G) of TD1.