1.3 How will the PCP address interoperability issues?

[ upd 06.7.2022] A system that truly has an impact on the work of the emergency teams should connect the EMS practitioners with the other stakeholders in the EMS ecosystem enabling continuous and reliable communication with the EMCC and the hospital where the casualty is going to be transferred to, as well as a quick access to the casualty’s medical history. The aforementioned necessity implies that the triage system must exchange data directly with the other information systems of the EMS organisations involved. The Call for Tender provides further details about the existing systems and standards used by the procurers in the project. Tenderers will have to make proposals in their offers as to how to ensure interoperability of their proposed solutions with those systems.

The Tender Documents are available here https://innovationprocurement.com/tenders/7/show/pre-commercial-procurement-of-innovative-triage-management-systems-strengthening-resilience-and-interoperability-of-emergency-medical-services