1.32 Call for Tenders | Annex 4| Section 1.7| p.115-119/194: “The envisaged iProcureSecurity PCP solution should consider data exchange with the systems below [Sic].” Could you please provide specific standards for those cells that are denoted as “other” in column “Interoperability Standard (NOTE)”? Could you please ensure access to IT systems for these cases that are denoted “most likely not open”?

When “other” is entered in the Interoperability Standard cell, more details have been entered in the “Interoperability Standards (NOTE)” column.

We are unable to provide further information on system interoperability at this step, more detailed clarifications will be provided during the feasibility study (Phase I).

When “most likely not open” is entered in the Interoperability Standard cell, the procurer is unable to guarantee access to its IT systems, during this phase, during the feasibility study (Phase I) we will analyse the possibility of interoperability tools with the third party software provider currently in use by the procurer.