1.38 Requirement 1.2.42 | p.104/194. It is noted that this requirement relates to UC1. However, in p.185/194, this issue is reported as a KEY FUNCTIONALITY 3 of UC6. Please clarify which is the related use case for the specific requirement.

R 1.2.42 refers to the capacity of creating digitalised  “customizable initial MCI assessments (example METHANE Assessment)”, which should support the first responders in giving a first assessment of the MCI. It is therefore related to the UC1 for what concerns the “customisation” (KEY FUNCTIONALITY “The Central Information System (UC1) must allow customisation of main components (for example triage algorithm, initial assessment, guidance cards and checklists, user roles, terminology etc.”).
It is also related to UC6, as it will be the duty of the Category C to fill and complete the Initial MCI Assessment, as part of the Operation Site Management activities.