2.13 Is it determined according to which criteria the first 6 supplier groups to be selected to participate in the first step of the project will be selected? Would it be appropriate to dwell on designs that would satisfy all requests in the broadest sense or would suggest cost-effective but relatively limited solutions?

It is up to the tenderers to decide on the approach that they believe will be successful in the tender procedure. The Buyers Group has defined requirements they believe are necessary for a comprehensive solution. The weighted award criteria, which will be used in the tender documents, will reflect that through a points system, with minimum thresholds for different award criteria. Only the most economically advantageous tenders will be selected based on the available budget, i.e. those that score the highest points based on quality and price offers following the quality-price formula provided in the OMC consultations.

All the specifics in regard to the selection and award criteria are specifically outlined in the Call for Tenders.