1.21 Page 100 of the TD1, Requirement 1.1.21 and Page 107 of the TD1 Requirement 2.1.17 Able to connect and download information from EHR Is this a realistic expectation in terms of timeframe, number of 3rd party software suppliers who may not cooperate or have a system that has an open API? What research has the procurer done regarding availability of integration, willingness and API access with 3rd party EHR providers and can we have access to that information? In the NHS this was not achieved in 15 years with £23 billion programme.

One of the challenges of the research project objective is also to obtain interoperability with the EHR as well. More technical details about the interoperability requirements of the systems currently in use (if feasible) and of the common APIs exist for data sharing, will be provided and analysed during the development of the Phase I feasibility study. In this phase the requirements regarding ICT standards that have to be observed in the development of the solution are described in in paragraph 3.4 (G) of TD1.