2.28 (TD1) TD1 mentions that: “The legal capacity and the representation of the Tenderer, all the members of the Consortium (if applicable), Subcontractors (if applicable) and Third Parties (if applicable) shall be proved by filling, signing – by duly authorized person – and submitting the Legal Capacity of the Tenderer Statement (TD7)”. By duly authorized person means that we must provide additionally a proof of evidence regarding the person that will sign the legal capacity? If yes, could you guide us on what exactly could this proof be? Perhaps an official decision by the Directors Board that confirm this specific pers’n’s identity and role?

Any document proving that the person signing has the power to legally bind the Tenderer. For example, you can submit a document from the chamber of commerce in which your organization registered , as long as one of the persons appearing in the document(s)  is the one signing and has the power to do so.