2.46 (TD4) Ηow to compile the document when its asked to: • Provide a description of relevant reference and /or previous projects (executed during the last 5 years) which reflect the competences and capacity in the different phases and domains of the iProcureSecurity PCP project, such as research, development, prototyping, testing and commercialisation. • Demonstrate the expertise and working experience required to undertake an innovative R&D project by providing CVs of key personnel and competences, which they consider necessary to complete the project. • Confirm the Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / Risk Management plan which ensured that the described services will be delivered in the event of a disruption affecting their business and will ensure continuity of supply / service from critical suppliers. • Confirm that they will take the appropriate level of insurance cover in case they are successful in winning the contract. How can we insert all these informations? We have to insert all in the document TD 4 or we can provide them separately? If we’re a Consortium, every partner have to do this or we have to collect all our experiences in only one document?

Tender Document 4 should be used. Any other document (if needed) should be merged to TD 4 form. Please ensure that the others concerned provide a separate form.