2.52 (TD1) Call for Tenders|p.26/194. In p. 26/194 of the TD1, it is noted that contractors are notified as to whether they have completed this Phase (i.e. Phase I) satisfactorily and successfully on 26-01-2023. It is also noted that the deadline for submitting Phase II offers is on 05-01-2023. Given that the contractors are informed on a later date regarding the successful completeness of Phase I (hence, whether they are eligible for Phase II), is the deadline for submitting Phase II offers reasonable? The same question stands also for the Phase II and Phase III respective dates (p.27/194).

According to the estimated time schedule, the launch of the Call offs (Phase 2 &3) will run in parallel with the previous Phase, in order to give more time to contractors to prepare their offers for the next Phase. However, only offers from Contractors that successfully completed Phase II/ Phase III will be eligible for Phase 2/3 respectively.