2.6 Could you please explain the VAT?

[ upd 06.7.2022] Suppliers from EU: Invoicing without VAT using the reverse charge procedure.
Suppliers from third countries: VAT is calculated and reported by KEMEA (Lead Procurer, based in Greece).

If the supplier upon import is obliged to report VAT according to the rules of the home country and the invoice contains VAT, that VAT is non-deductible in Greece. Instead, VAT amount is to be considered as a cost of the service. Tenderers to calculate if their net amount + VAT is still under or equal to the ceiling amount, and not higher. More details on the VAT is included in the tender documents.

The Tender Documents are available here https://innovationprocurement.com/tenders/7/show/pre-commercial-procurement-of-innovative-triage-management-systems-strengthening-resilience-and-interoperability-of-emergency-medical-services