The iProcureSecurity PCP Call for Tender is now OPEN!

Project Summary

Within the scope of the iProcureSecurity PCP, technology packages for a digital triage management system are to be sourced from qualified supplier consortia, comprising modular hardware- and software components as well as professional services. Throughout the specification, design, development, implementation and integration, as well as a critical evaluation involving end user partners, the components are brough to a market maturity to address the identified technology gaps on the market.

To successfully make use of the gathered insights and shape the future of Triage Management in Europe and beyond the iProcureSecurity PCP project at hand brings together 8 procurers from 5 countries who will be jointly tackling the common challenge of a novel, modular and highly flexible triage management system to consequently increase effectiveness and efficiency of EMS services.

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Project Objectives

Objective 1

Quick and accurate overview of casualties and their status.

Objective 2

Decision support for better allocation of available resources & quicker support for casualties.

Objective 3

Improved interoperability with other first responders and relevant actors.

Objective 4

Reduced handover times between ambulance transport and hospitals.

Objective 5

for quality assurance
and training measures.

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