Innovation Procurement Platform

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The Innovation Procurement Platform is a matchmaking solution which allows its users to display their products and services, to match with other suppliers and to submit joint or single tender proposals.

About the Innovation Procurement Platform

This video shows the objectives and scopes, as well as the key functionalities of the Innovation Procurement Platform.

Innovation Procurement Platform Tutorial

This video shows how to register on the Innovation Procurement Platform step-by-step. If you still have doubts, consult the Innovation Procurement Platform Manual available here.

The Innovation Procurement Platform will serve the suppliers as basis in order to:

Match and connect with other suppliers

Monitor and check several tenders

Get informed, updated and guided throughout the creation of the proposals

Submit Open Tender Proposals

If you want to display your products and services, and to submit your offer for the iProcureSecurity PCP Call for Tender, follow the link below and register to the Innovation Procurement Platform.

By following the automatic steps, you will be able to:


Display your products and services


Design requests and offers


Create synergies and cooperation


Submit tender proposals

Please, be aware that the iProcureSecurity PCP Call for Tender is now OPEN. Register on the Innovation Procurement Platform to grant access to the Tender Documents and submit your offer!