iProcureSecurity PCP Experts & Advisory Board

The iProcureSecurity PCP project selected and created a pool of experts, in order to gather valuable feedbacks, which will further support the project implementation. The Expert and Advisory Board (EAB) advises and support the project during its lifetime, providing insights for the envisaged solutions, and contributing to the assessment of the project activities.

The experts of the board have been carefully selected, based on their expertise and experience. The EAB will guide the iProcureSecurity PCP research and development activities from a highly practitioner perspective. The board will be involved in project workshops, meetings and in the validation process of the iProcureSecurity PCP Solution and its components.

The EAB consists of the following highly experienced profiles:

Research Director

Dr Christos Ntanos

  • Electronic and Computer Engineer, MSc, MBA, PhD
  • Decision Support Systems Laboratory
  • National Technical University of Athens
Ph.D. fellow 

Jasna Karacic

Jasna Karacic is the Head of the Health Diplomacy Unit of International chair in bioethics (Former UNESCO chair) She served as a diplomat during the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2020, delegated from the Ministry of Health. Due to the effort made for the engaging scientific rule in person-centered medicine elected a Patient Ombudsman by the International Council of the Patient Ombudsman© on general assembly. She is a counselor for the hospital managers regarding health policy, and she contributes significantly to health diplomacy scientific research. She holds consultative status with the United Nations and she got the Rector's Award for Achievements at the UNESCO level for human rights in medicine. 

Ph.D. fellow 

Dr. Elisa Orrù

Researcher at University of Freiburg, Centre for Security and Society

Senior Researcher & Project Manager

Dr Frederico Carvajal

Phd in 2007 both from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Currently works in the Distributed Real-Time Systems Lab as senior researcher and project manager. He has been involved in the management of 20 EU projects.

NO-FEAR Project Manager

Luca Leonardi

Luca Leonardi has more than 15 years experience in research and innovation projects while promoting open innovation models  technology scouting and knowledge transfer actions.

Technical Manager

Dr. Robert Dobson

Medical Director at FMP Protection

General Manager of JOIN

Joachim Berney

Joachim Berney was responsible for the networking and dissemination activities of many different European projects. In the frame of the iProcureSecurity project, he was leading the Working Package dedicated to communication and engagement activities. Joachim Berney speaks multiple languages fluently and is rooted in many networks across Europe.

Deputy Director of CERTH/ITI

Petros Daras

Research Director at the Visual Computing Lab (VCL) of the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). Deputy Director of ITI

Technical Manager

Dr Evangelos Markakis

Evangelos MARKAKIS [M] (markakis@pasiphae.eu) earned a doctorate from the Aegean University. He is now a Principal Investigator at the Hellenic Mediterranean University's research center. He serves as Technical Manager for the HORIZON EUROPE CL4-DATA-01-01 TRUSTEE Project and as Chair of the PEMEA Consortium, which promotes the use of Emergency Applications across Europe. Public safety, fog networking, emergency applications, and NGNs are among his research interests. He has over 80 peer-reviewed articles in the aforementioned fields.