Phase III Results: Development and Testing of Pilot Systems

During Phase III further development of the selected prototype solutions to a state where they can be piloted under real-life conditions, involving patients, EMTs, and health professionals, will take place in the 5 countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria and Turkey).

The systems will be finalised and introduced at the piloting partners‘ premises in each country / region while the piloting itself may take place in different locations depending on the piloting partners’ choice for this activity. As part of this, suppliers will be required to provide all systems and end-user devices for the pilots. Systems will then run the pilot with the real users, while suppliers provide full helpdesk and technical support functionalities. The pilot operation will be prepared by the project partners in each country in terms of the development of a suitable evaluation framework and the recruitment of users. The trial evaluation will be used to collect data for the final assessment of the pilot systems and to serve as a data reference for future procurers

Qualified for Phase III