Consortium Name: Ensure  a triagE maNagement System sUppoRting Emergencies

Company Name: SATWAYS LTD

Country: Greece

ENSURE system aims at strengthening the response of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Responders (EMR) to Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs). The latter are called to operate under stressful and uncertain environments, given that MCIs are usually evolved in complex and confusing situations. In the first phase of the project, the consortium is designing a novel digital triage system by utilizing the unique expertise of Satways, Traqbeat and Incisio. By leveraging hands on experts’ experience on emergency medicine (Incisio), the project will combine medical wearables (Traqbeat) with emergency management system (Satways) into a novel digital triage system for MCIs. In a disaster event, the system will enable the quick prioritization of those who need high medical attention by automatically recognizingand continuously monitoringtheir vital signs via an attachable patch from the disaster location to the hospital.

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