Consortium Name: REACT2-CAS

Company Name: Skytek Ltd

Country: Ireland

REACT2-CAS is an innovative, modular and flexible triage management system aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of EMS services.  The system is designed to facilitate the coordination of EMS Services and other partner emergency services, at local, regional, national and transnational levels.REACT2-CAS provides the full functions of a single integrated command-and-control centre in a distributed way: it provides all the key services with the required IT system to support and facilitate effective coordination, communication, decision making and action management, at each level of management or command personnel. REACT2-CAS is deployed as a series of distributed cloud-based services that are accessible via the standard communication infrastructures, i.e., Internet and mobile networks, as well as future systems such as 5G and SatComms.  The solution presented comprises of the following eight main components:1. Central information system (CIS)2. electronic Triage Tag3. Data visualisation system (DVS)4. Advanced Medical Site Management5. Clinical Parameters Collection System 6. Operation Site Management7. Vehicle and Resource Management 8. Evaluation and Training

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